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Dong Seon Lee and Giuliana Borzillo, the founders of ID.EIGHT, both come from the world of fashion: Dong graduated in fashion in Seoul (Korea) and came to Italy with a scholarship, Giuliana with university studies in Naples and a master's degree at Polimoda in Florence.

It is precisely the passion for footwear that makes them meet in 2017 during a fair, between the 2 it is love at first sight. After a long distance dating (after finishing his studies, Dong moved to Germany where he became a stylist for an international shoe brand and Giuliana became product manager of a well-known shoe brand in Italy), they decide to take a step further and go to live together.

They discover each other day by day and decide to put their attitudes to work and transform their complementarity into something more: while Dong, in fact, since he was a child passionate about Design, had always dreamed of creating his own line of shoes that would reflect her oriental / minimal identity and her 90s-inspired creativity, Giuliana instead, always attentive to sustainability issues and passionate about everything that revolves around marketing linked to the world of fashion, dreamed of being able to create a brand that was eco-sustainable and at the same time of refined design.

This is how the 2 boys decide to transform what were their dreams into a unique, concrete, tangible reality, building the foundations of their project on the only element capable of giving practical shape to dreams: love. The brand is born ID.EIGHT, of which today Dong is the Creative Designer Director and Giuliana the Brand Manager.

ID.EIGHT® about us

Born from the meeting between Dong Seon Lee and Giuliana Borzillo, both come from the world of footwear, where they worked and met: Dong is a designer and Giuliana a product manager.

Together they have created a collection of sneakers with a refined design and at the same time sustainable and ethical. The shoes are made in Italy with low environmental impact materials from food industry waste such as apple peels, grape stalks and seeds, pineapple leaves, recycled cotton and polyester.

Giuliana and Dong Founders ID.EIGHT
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