made with waste from agricultural or industrial activities


made with waste from activities
agricultural or industrial

The style explosion you've been waiting for: samji

SAMJI is our new and third sneaker model inspired by the Korean holiday Samjinnal. Celebrating the spring return of the swallows, SAMJI symbolizes renewal and tradition. This design combines Korean culture, sustainability and innovation, offering not only style, but also a story of transformation and hope.


Our pioneer icon. The name "Hana”, which means “number one” in Korean, symbolizes our first step towards a more sustainable world. It's not just a sneaker model: it's our first creation, the beginning of our journey towards sustainability and innovation.


Timeless classic. “Duri”, which in Korean suggests “you and me together”, is our second model and embodies a further step forward Id.Eight towards a more sustainable future. It expresses a timeless aesthetic and an ongoing commitment to the environment.

The circularity of Id.Eight

ID.EIGHT® sustainability

We mainly use 4 types of BioBased materials for the upper (external part), derived from by-products of agricultural or industrial activities:

  1. BioVeg: made in Italy with recycled PES and biopolyols, derived from corn crops not intended for food.
  2. Uppeal: made in Italy with apple peels and cores.
  3. Vegea: made in Italy with grape skins, seeds and stems.
  4. Pinatex: made in Spain with pineapple leaves from the Philippines.

Recycled synthetic materials (polyester, mesh, Lycra, rubber) and recycled cotton made in Portugal, Spain and Italy complete the other parts of the shoe.


made of 100% upcycled organic cotton, it manifests the revolutionary principles of slow fashion