Recovery of worn shoes

How to return your old ones Id.Eight?
  • Through our courier with free collection at your home.
  • Through one of the collection points (ESOBOX) in your city: in this case you will be entitled to a 10 euro discount voucher for the purchase of a new pair.

1 Check if there is a collection point in your city: on the map select Region -> Province -> Select category: “Collection points open to the public”. You will then need to fill out the form at the bottom of this page, whether you find the collection point or not.

Fill in the form

2 The following form must be completed in any case: both if you have found a collection point in your city and if you have not found one. During the compilation you will be provided with simple instructions to follow:

Note: if you select the day after today, the day will be understood as next week. Example: to book on Wednesday, you must send the request by Monday evening, to book on Friday, you must send the request by Wednesday evening.

Shipping notes:

The costs for the collection of the product are at our expense.
We will arrange for the courier to be booked on the day and at the address indicated by you.

Instructions for preparing the package to be entrusted to the courier:
  1. You can cover the shoes with wrapping paper or alternatively newspaper.
  2. Our label must be attached to the package thus obtained: Download label to print

Notes for placing shoes in the ESOBOX:

You can insert your old ones Id.Eight inside the Esobox without any packaging. The exobox looks like this:

Container for old shoes to be recycled

How to get a 10 euro discount voucher for the purchase of a new pair?

  1. Take a photo of the Esobox with your shoes visible: you can place them on the box or hold them with your hand above the basket.
  2. Share the photo on social media by tagging @id.eight or more simply send us the photo with a private message (Facebook, Instagram, or live chat on this site), or via email to
  3. We will immediately send you the 10 euro discount voucher that you can use to purchase a new pair of Id.Eight